Thursday, September 21, 2006

Quiz - 2


Prostrations to all.

Continuing the quiz series, we will have the second quiz. Kindly once again request anyone in the forum to conduct the next quiz (If there is no voluntary response, then there will be compulsory choosing of the quiz master).

Hoping that at least this time, there is response from at least everyone in the forum. Even if there is no answering of the questions, please do reply back mentioning the same. Thus am expecting a reply from each and everyone in the forum.

This time we will try to have a basic quiz on Vedantic concepts (more of a subjective quiz than objective).

The below are the questions:

1. Which are the three main systems (sub schools) of Vedanta and the main propagator of each of the system?
2. What is the motto or summary of Advaita Vedanta (Sankara has summarized this into half a sloka having three distinct parts)?
3. All sub schools of Vedanta deal with three main things (not the triputi) and each school differs in the interpretation of these three & as to the relation between each of these. What are the three entities?
4. What is antah karana and bahih karana (how are they differentiated and what are their subparts)?
5. Which are the three sub schools of Advaita after Sankara?
6. What is jeeva (default definition would be enough but good if jeeva as per the three different sub schools of Advaita can be given)?
7. Define Maya and avidya
8. How is Maya related to Brahman?
9. Define in brief adhyaaropa and apavaada.
10. What are the three different creation theories accepted by Advaita?

Answers need not be elaborate or in essays – one or two liners would be enough. Hoping any answer from everyone in the forum (sincere request) or at least from those who had answered the previous quiz.

Let’s have more time to answer this quiz as it is subjective and not objective. Will wait till coming Wednesday for the answers.

Prostrations to all.


Let a moment not pass by without remembering God


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