Friday, October 06, 2006

Quiz - 3

Hari OM,

Continuing here with the next part of the quiz. The questions are really simple and hope everyone makes most use of this opportunity to revise whatever we have learnt till now in the group.

The questions are both subjective and objective and can be easily googled or got from previous discussions from vedanta tattva blogsite. May AMMA guide all to the ultimate goal.

Let us offer our salutations to Acharya Sankara by starting the first 2 questions of quiz on Acharya.

1. Name the four places in different directions where Acharya established centers of learning (mutts) in India.

2. Name the four main disciples of Acharya who presided over these four mutts. (if corresponding mutt is also mentioned then good, else only names will also do)

3. Fill up the blanks
i)Isha Upanishad: Yajur veda:: Chandogya Upanishad : ________

ii)Mandukya upanishad: Atharvana veda:: Brihadaranyaka upanishad:_______

the options for both questions are:
a) Rig veda b) Yajur veda
c) Sama veda d) Atharvana veda

4. Match the following
a) hastamalakeeyam i) Sankaracharya
b) Tattva bodha ii) Vachaspati Misra
c) Bhamati iii) Padma paada
d) Panchapaadika iv) Hastamalaka

5) Mention the 4 famous Mahavakyas.

6) Shoonyavaada is a section of ______
a) Buddhism b) Advaita c) Jainism d) Charvakas

7) What are the Aavarana and Vikshepa aspects of Maya ?
One line answers will be fine.

8) Which are the three types of lakshanas?
Just mentioning of names will do, explanations with examples or one line definitions are better.

9) What is triputi?

10) Mention the three levels of reality as per Advaita.

Requesting everyone to participate in the quiz.
Offering humble prostrations to guru,

Hari OM

With regards,
Mallika R
What you have is God's gift to you and what you do with what you have is your gift to God


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