Monday, October 16, 2006

Quiz - 4


Prostrations to all.

Since nobody voluntarily took up the next quiz, hence am taking this up for this time. Before this quiz ends (last day for answering this quiz is the coming Wednesday), will chose a person if nobody voluntarily takes this up & that person will have to come up with the quiz on Friday next weekJ.

This time, rather than having quiz on general topics, let us have a quiz on Bhakthi based on the postings on Naradi Bhakthi Sutras and Bhakthi Yoga of Gita (which was taken by Rajesh Kumar). These two sites can be accessed from our blog site. For quick reference, below are the links to the two blogs: (this doesn’t have the last couple of postings)

The below are the questions which require mostly one-word or one-sentence answers.

1. Wherein in Gita has the Lord explained bhakthi in a complete way?
2. What are the two sutra works on bhakthi and their authors?
3. What are the two main types of bhakthi?
4. Define Bhakthi in exactly two words (there can be many answers but the answer should be justifiable by the bhakthi literatures).
5. Which saint’s name flashes in the mind when we hear the word Bhakthi (a quite famous person – rather infamous as the problem creator in the puranasJ)?
6. Which are the bhakthi schools of Vedanta (is out of topic but google search will easily give the answer)?
7. Which is the purana that blends bhakthi and jnana in the most perfect way?
8. Who is the saint whose commentary is available on the bhakthi sutras?
9. How many chapters are there in Narada Bhakthi Sutras, what are their names and what do they explain about (two-three lines would suffice)?
10. What is the total number of sutras in Narada Bhakthi Sutras?

Send across the answers before Wednesday. For all the quiz series, there have been a set of consistent participants – hoping that few more would contribute to this quiz series which is quite simple & doesn’t take much time to answer as well.

Prostrations to all.


Let a moment not pass by without remembering God


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