Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Quiz - 4 - Answers


Prostrations to all.

The answers to the quiz are inline in blue. There were five responses in total (consistent for all the quiz). The score is as below (though scores dont really matter):

Neelakantan - 9.5
Rajesh Kumar - 9.5
Mallika - 9.5
Rajesh Gaurav - 9.5
R S Iyer - 9

Only R S Iyer got the complete answer for bhakthi schools of Vedanta.

Pardon the late judgement of the quiz as thought would give enough time for people to answer. The next quiz will be related to Mayavada series that we have been learning (hope people dont stop replying to the quiz just because the topic is tough :-)).

Lastly, thanks to the interest shown in the quiz series from all those who have answered and all those who have been watching this series though unable to answer because of various restriction.

1. Wherein in Gita has the Lord explained bhakthi in a complete way?
Chapter 12 - Bhakthi Yoga

2. What are the two sutra works on bhakthi and their authors?
Narada Bhakthi Sutras & Shandilya Bhakthi Sutras

3. What are the two main types of bhakthi?
Apara Bhakthi and Para Bhakthi

4. Define Bhakthi in exactly two words (there can be many answers but the answer should be justifiable by the bhakthi literatures).
The answers that were found are:
Parama Prema
amrita svaroopa
mukthi sadhakam
atma nivedanam
one-pointed devotion
unconditional surrender
nirmamo nirahankaarah

All of the answers are perfect -- if "I" as an individual would have to answer this question, then the answer would "total" (poorna) and "unconditional" (avicchinna) which are two different aspects (related to of course the basics of bhakthi which is SURRENDER) essential in bhakthi (this has been explained in Bhakthi Darpanam work).

5. Which saint’s name flashes in the mind when we hear the word Bhakthi (a quite famous person – rather infamous as the problem creator in the puranasJ)?

6. Which are the bhakthi schools of Vedanta (is out of topic but google search will easily give the answer)?
Interestingly, Advaita is not considered a bhakthi school because it believes in jnaana which is para bhakthi (where differentiation is not possible). When we say bhakthi school, the first point is that it is dependent on Ishwara (and dependency is possible only if Ishwara is different from oneself) -- thus bhakthi schools means dependency on Ishwara different from the Self.

The bhakthi schools of Vedanta with their propagator in braces are (in order in which they were given life by the propagators as per history):
Vishista advaita (Ramanuja)
Dvaita (Madhva)
Dvaita advaita (Nimbarka)
Shuddha advaita (Vallabha)
Achintya bheda abhedha (Chaitanya Mahaprabhu)

7. Which is the purana that blends bhakthi and jnana in the most perfect way?
Srimad Bhagavatham

8. Who is the saint whose commentary is available on the bhakthi sutras?
Narayana Teertha

Comment of Neelakantan on this question -- whose devotional songs are a part and parcel of Sampradaya Bhajans.

9. How many chapters are there in Narada Bhakthi Sutras, what are their names and what do they explain about (two-three lines would suffice)?
5 chapters.
PARABHAKTHI SVAROOPAM - wherein the ultimate or higher devotion is explained
PARABHAKTHI MAHATVAM - importance of supreme devotion
BHAKTHI SAADHANAANI - wherein the different means or sadhanaas for bhakthi is propounded PREMA NIRVACHANAM - Love or pure devotion is explained beautifully with examples and logic MUKHYA BHAKTHI MAHIMA – explains the importance of Bhakthi

10. What is the total number of sutras in Narada Bhakthi Sutras?

Prostrations to all.


Let a moment not pass by without remembering God


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