Wednesday, April 11, 2007



Prostrations to all.

First of all – we haven’t decided the next topic of the week. Do reply back so that we don’t lose another day choosing the topic.

Here goes the quiz on “Topic of the week – Dhyaana”. Questions might require research or googling and might be out of syllabus as wellJ.

1. One of the shad darshanas defines Dhyaana as a sadhana and the darshana has been established by a Siva bhaktha who is said to have witnessed the Tandava of Siva. Which is the darshana and who is the person establishing the darshana?
2. Shad darshanas are known in pairs of two. Which darshana pairs with the darshana mentioned in 1?
3. Quote the Sanskrit sutra defining Dhyaana in the darshana (along with chapter, sutra number and translation in English).
4. Which is the dhyaana yoga chapter of Gita and what is the total number of slokas from Krishna’s mouth in the chapter?
5. Define Yoga as per Krishna.
6. Patanjali is famous for two of his works. Name the works.
7. Differentiate Dhyaana (yoga dhyaana) and Nidhidhyaasana.
8. Name the astangas of Yoga and define each in brief (max 2 sentence for each).
9. What are the two main types of Samadhi of Yoga and Vedanta (the answer will be four names in total)?
10. What is the name of the sub-commentary of Vachaspathi Mishra to the commentary of Vyaasa on the Yoga Sutras?
11. (Optional) Which type of yoga dhyaana have you practiced and your experiences on the same (irrespective of whether those are obstacles or mystic experiences).

Do reply back with question number and answer.

The quiz will be open till Thursday morning IST (if people require more time, we can have it till Friday EOD).

Prostrations to all.


Let a moment not pass by without remembering God


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